Here how to rig up our trolling lures yourself for quick recovery/high hook up ratios when offshore fishing.


Hooks (both hook styles produce great hook up ratios):

Needle Eye: Mustad 3412DT 9/0 (hook shaft will insert into the body of a Monkalur, similar to a cedar plug).  Note - Mustad 7731 or similar hook will work as well.

Round Eye (Dink Hook): Mustad 9174-DT (hook hangs off the aft end of the lure).  Note - Mustad 77660DT or similar hook will work as well.

Leader:  90 - 150 lb Mono / #9 - #10 wire



1.  Crimp a hook onto one end of approximately 10 feet of a leader.

Note: You can also slide one bead in between the lure and hook with the short shank hooks (9174-DT) to set the hook back further in the skirt. 

2.  Slide the other end of leader through the aft end of the lure and crimp a small loop to attach leader to a line or hasp. 

Troll approximately 7-10 knots on the flat line or on the short riggers.

Once you pull a Monk, you will never pull any other kind of plug again.  So go ahead and Tie One On.



Rigged up Pink & Blue Monkalur