Here is how to rig up our trolling lures yourself for quick recovery/high hook up ratios when offshore fishing.


Mono Leader: 90-150 lb, with 7/0 Mustad 9174 DT,NP hook (round eye), or similar (dink hook)

Wire Leader:  #9-#10 wire, with 9/0 Mustad 3412 DT hook (needle eye), or similar hook (needle eye hook pushes into the lure and rides similar to a cedar plug)



1.  Crimp a hook onto one end of approximately 10 feet of a leader.

Note: You can also slide one bead in between the lure and hook with the short shank hooks (9174 DT) to set the hook back further in the skirt. 

2.  Slide the other end of leader through the aft end of the lure and crimp a small loop to attach leader to a line or hasp. 

Troll approximately 7-10 knots on the flat line or on the short riggers.

Once you pull a Monk, you will never pull any other kind of plug again.  So go ahead and Tie One On.



Rigged up Pink & Blue Monkalur