"Monkalurs are a great, easy to pull fish catching lure that anyone can pull and catch fish on.  We pull them on the Bite Me and have caught everything on them, dolphin, black fins, yellow fins, even Blue Marlin." ~ Captain Jay Kavanagh, Bite Me Sportfishing, Hatteras, NC


"Monkalur out-fishes Ballyhoo every time" ~ Scott E., Morehead City, NC  


"One of the best lures I have pulled.  Catch mahi and sailfish and they hold up great." ~ Captain Jeremy Davis, Break Day Charters (Long Break), Atlantic Beach, NC


"As far as 'Plugs' for Mahi, it's hard to beat a Monkalur.  Has become my 'Go To' lure when the bite is on, you need a fast recovery, and want to save on bait" ~ Tidal Fish Forum, 07/02/2013


"Monkalur is a must in your offshore arsenal!  Tie on a Monkalur and catch the difference!  Monkalur is simple to rig, simple to use, simply swims perfectly, and simple to redeploy fish after fish!" ~ Douglas S., Raleigh, NC


"If your going fishing with someone and they don't have a Monkalur, politely decline their offer". ~ Brad C., Clayton, NC


"I can't see the Monkalur label on my lure cause it has over 1,000 bites on it.  However, it still looks pretty when put into water."  ~ Joe S., Atlantic Beach, NC


"I have caught everything but a whale with a Monkalur"  ~ John B., former mate out of Hatteras, NC


"Don't ever underestimate the Monk!  It will catch everything from Dolphin to White Marlin." ~ TheHullTruth, 09/06/2005

"I love my Monkalurs.  Simple to use and they just work. No need to re-rig, just through them back out there." ~ James A., Morehead City, NC


"This lure is just magical."  ~ Steve T., Myrtle Beach, SC


"When your trolling and your bait/ballyhoo is all moving the same, the Monkalur's movement stands out and just attracts fish." ~ Bobby H., Raleigh, NC


"If you get in a [Mahi] school, you wont have time to re-rig ballyhoo.  So either have bait you can chunk at them or a tiny lure such as a Monkalur.  Leave your Islanders and expensive crap at home for dolphin fishing." ~ L.L., Morehead City, NC


"Almost all charter boats along the North Carolina coast are pulling Monkalurs" ~ Ken T., Hatteras, NC.


"Monk [Danny] could catch fish when no one else could." ~ Tony H., Clayton, NC (childhood friend of "Monk").

Tequila Sunrise Monkalur all set and ready for offshore fishing