Monk aboard the Sea Mint off of Atlantic Beach, NC

Danny Monk (“Monk”) was a familiar site around the Fishing Center at Atlantic Beach, North Carolina since the mid-70’s. It was there, where he met with his many friends to share common interests: fishing, tournaments, good humor and local news.  Over the years, Monk worked on a number of charter boats, fished numerous tournaments and was featured in several sport fishing magazines.

Monk also spent a lot of those earlier days with his old friend Captain Curly Williams aboard the Sea Mint.  While aboard the Sea Mint, Monk began to develop a unique style of trolling lure that quickly began to prove itself to local fishermen. They pulled the lure every day.  Each night Monk would go home, modify the lure and pull it the next day. This went on for some time until the bait evolved into its current unique design.  For the past 20 years, the now trademarked Monkalur continues to grow in popularity. The lure can be found on many boats in the Atlantic Beach area, in local tackle shops and along the eastern seaboard. 

On May 24th 2005, Monk passed away at the age of 51.  Following Monk’s death, it was expressed by many that the Monkalur legacy should continue. On June 20th 2005, Monk’s Lure Company was created (now just called Monkalur). The company was formed by Monk’s nephews, Jody and Kevin Monk and his brother Joe Monk. New tooling was purchased, new labels with a registered trademark was ordered and a patent was filed. After four weeks the company successfully duplicated Monk’s process. Fortunately, Monk had shared information and demonstrated many of the details about the process to his brother and nephews before his death. It soon became evident that trying to take short cuts or change Monk’s process had undesirable results. Monk’s lure design and processes were perfected over many years; it requires little or no improvement at all.

To that end, it is the desire of Monkalur to keep the design, color schemes uniqueness and quality the same.  We hope through these efforts we will continue the legacy and spirit of "Monk", one of the greatest fisherman of our times.  No need to mess with perfection with this offshore trolling lure.  Now go ahead...and Tie One On!

Danny Monk, one of the greatest fisherman of our time

"This simple lure isn't simply contrived.  Monk's years of experience and tweaking on the proving grouds day in and day out made it simple.  I was introduced to this lure by my best friend and fishing partner, the late Allen Sasser.  Allen met Monk while he worked with Captain Curley on the Sea Mint and his friends hooked him up with their secrety weapon!  Allen brought this bait out one day on a slow bite.  I was skeptical but that all changed immediately.  Bite on!  His lesson to me that day and everyday since was simple is better and easier which always out produces complicated.  From that day forward, I KISSed it...Keep it simple stupid.  Thank you Jesus, thank you Monk, Allen, Curly, and Monk family for carrying on the Monkalur tradition." ~ Douglas S., Raleigh, NC

Memorabilia for Monk, one of the greatest fisherman of our times